The Objects of TimeNorfolk as written in the Articles of Association are:
To preserve and protect women’s health and the health of their partners and families and to advance the education of the public by:

  1. Offering impartial and confidential counselling and holistic support for the wellbeing of anyone in distress as a result of, and to promote understanding of the issues surrounding:
    • Pregnancy;
    • Birth;
    • Pregnancy Loss;
    • Termination; and
    • Infertility;
  2. Support pregnant women and their partners to make an informed choice regarding their options: termination, adoption, or parenting, with referral to appropriate agencies;
  3. Providing information training and support to promote good sexual health awareness and develop effective parenting skills.
  4. By such other means as the trustees may in their absolute discretion determine may further the above objects.