We would love you to fundraise in aid of TimeNorfolk.

To help us support you better please fill in the Fundraising Agreement Form below with as much detail as you are able.

Please do not carry out any fundraising in aid of TimeNorfolk without first completing this form & receiving confirmation that your agreement form has been accepted.

Read Fundraisers Guidelines

These guidelines are here to keep you safe while fundraising and to ensure that your activities are legal. This will go towards maintaining and protecting the reputation of TimeNorfolk.

  1. All fundraisers must use our registered charity number: 1157905
  2. You must refer to your fundraising activity using the phrase ‘in aid of TimeNorfolk’
  3. Any Fundraising carried out must not be in conflict with our ethos and values which can be found here: https://timenorfolk.org.uk/about-us/ethos-and-values-statement/
  4. You must keep any money collected safe until it has been donated to TimeNorfolk. Please let us know as soon as possible how much money you have raised and donate all money from your event within 28 days of the event
  5. Before approaching a celebrity or public figure to take part in an event please confirm with TimeNorfolk first to check suitability of the individual
  6. If you are fundraising in a public place you must have previously applied & obtained permission to do so
  7. Please keep us up to date on any changes or cancellations in relation to your fundraising event
  8. Please do not alter or add anything to the TimeNorfolk Logo
  9. I agree to send photos from the event to fundraising@timenorfolk.org.uk
  10. Do not do anything illegal in order to raise funds for TimeNorfolk. You can read more here: http://www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk/code-of-fundraising-practice/guidance/ or email fundraising@timenorfolk.org.uk if you are unsure

Download Fundraisers Guidelines

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TimeNorfolk Fundraising Guidelines

Download Fundraisers Guidelines

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Thankyou for fundraising for TimeNorfolk
Your efforts & the money raised will enable us to continue supporting men & women following pregnancy loss.

Sending your Donation

Please Donate money using the following methods:

  1. Send a cheque payable to ‘TimeNorfolk’ to:
    70 Catton Grove Road
    NR3 3NT
  2. TimeNorfolk Bank Account Deposit
    Details given upon request
  3. Online Sponsorship page as agreed

Thankyou for fundraising for TimeNorfolk

Your efforts & the money raised will enable us to continue supporting men & women following pregnancy loss.