If you are going through the devastating experience of having lost a baby either through a stillbirth, or a baby that has died within hours or days of the birth, your body, mind and emotions are probably suffering from shock.

Maybe you are trying to work through the experience but become overwhelmed with emotions that you find hard to contain.

You may have been traumatised by blood loss, panic and emergency medical procedures, making the experience feel like a sea of dreadful events that become mixed up in your mind as you try to find a way to come to terms with it all.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding the death of your baby it is important to give yourself space and time to grieve and work through the difficult thoughts and emotions.

We are able to give you time away from your usual environment where you can express your feelings and reflect as we listen.

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My practitioner soon made me feel comfortable and was very kind and just listened as I poured out my heart to her