Although you haven’t planned to get pregnant, parenting can still be a choice.

If you feel uncomfortable about terminating your pregnancy or releasing your baby for adoption then you might want to consider parenting.

We can support you when considering emotional aspects of becoming a parent before you decide if parenting is the right choice for you.

Many people feel very worried about being a parent, and when you’re still in shock from finding out about your pregnancy these fears can feel overwhelming. However, as the shock passes, you can begin to think more clearly, and address some of your fears. It can be helpful during this time to consider your feelings and values as well as your immediate fears.

If you decide to continue with your pregnancy and you begin to look forward to becoming a parent we can support you during your pregnancy, and we can offer free second hand baby equipment and clothes.

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Other agencies that can also offer support are:

TimeNorfolk offered me fantastic emotional support during my pregnancy and after my daughter was born