40 Miles in May – Complete 40 miles in memory of a loved one and help raise funds for us

During 2016 TimeNorfolk was able to support over 150 male and female clients following pregnancy loss, offering an unlimited number of face to face support sessions as well as group counselling sessions.

During May we are inviting you to complete 40 miles in whichever way you would like whether that is walking, running, swimming cycling, horse riding or even roller skating and collect sponsorship for doing so to help us continue our work

lady riding bike

40 miles rowing

Girl running on field

Woman in kayak

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If you would like to challenge yourself to completing 40 Miles in May please fill in our Registration form and we will send you your “40 Miles in May Fundraising Pack“.

Why 40 miles?

We chose to complete 40 miles because it costs us £40 to provide one of our face to face support sessions.

We want to raise funds so we can provide men & women with many more of these £40 sessions and help people like this past client:

It is not an exaggeration to say that counselling saved me, it has, mentally and physically. I was in a very black place but I am now a lot calmer in my mind and I can now accept what has happened.

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40 Miles Poster

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