Claire & Joe’s Story

On a chilly afternoon in October last year we laid our sweet baby girl to rest, her silver name plaque glinted in the autumn sun as we carried her to her resting place. As we turned and walked away from her grave we left part of ourselves behind, soon after we were due to collect our children from school, life goes on even when you are screaming for it to stop.

Our arms will always ache for what should be, for the missed moments and stolen years. The longing to hold our baby will never leave, it leaves a painful ache that can’t be filled or replaced.

What begins to heal our broken hearts is love. An unconditional love imprinted In her tiny footprints which dance across our hearts with every beat. Love continues on beyond her death, we are forever changed and bonded by love for our daughter and for a baby sister in heaven. Keeping her in everything we do helps us to continue to grow and with each step however small we keep moving forward.

With the support of Time Norfolk we are given opportunities to heal and a safe place to tell our story. Our precious baby girl is part of our story. Her story is a love story worth telling.


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