Fundraising Sky Dive Big Day – 1st July 2017

What a beautiful day we had for our Sky Dive!

We arrived at UK Parachuting, Beccles to blue skies and 6 very nervous but excited ladies ready to jump for TimeNorfolk!

After a briefing & a little wait the TimeNorfolk team went up in 2 planes and flew to the coast and back gaining a height of approximately 2 miles. This took around 15 minutes and during that time friends and family were on the ground trying to spot the plane!

TimeNorfolk Sky Divers ready to get started TimeNorfolk Sky Divers ready to jump

Eventually we saw some tiny dots begin to fall from the sky. After around 30 seconds of free fall the parachutes opened and each one glided gracefully down to the ground. Once they’d dusted themselved off they were greeted by friends and family as well as a glass of bubbly to celebrate!

It was a great experience for everybody involved and some ladies even said they would do it again!

Midwife Suzy Hankinson shares why she took part in the jump:

‘I was lucky enough to spend a morning with the wonderful team at TimeNorfolk earlier this year during my midwifery training where I witnessed first-hand the incredible work they do to help women and men after pregnancy loss. As a small local charity, they rely heavily on volunteers and fundraising to continue this work, so how could I turn down an opportunity to leap out a plane, 2 miles up to help raise funds! Luckily I have some crazy friends, so I wont be alone up there as Vini New, Jenny Marris, Mei Lee Dunleavy and Jackie Turner also jumped at the chance of raising money for TimeNorfolk. I have seen first-hand how pregnancy loss deeply affects the lives of so many people; the free service offered at TimeNorfolk helps couples work through their own experience and their grief by offering counselling, compassion and time. ‘

TimeNorfolk Sky Divers coming down TimeNorfolk Sky Divers after their jump

TimeNorfolk would like to thank the 6 ladies who took part in the tandem sky dive as well as their family and friends who have shown their support through donating to TimeNorfolk.

They have raised over £1,600 which is an incredible amount and will make a huge difference to TimeNorfolk.

All money raised will go towards our core work of supporting those who have experienced a pregnancy loss, we do this through our pregnancy loss support programme which consists of face to face pregnancy loss support sessions either on a one to one basis or in a group.

If you are interested in fundraising for TimeNorfolk or would like to take part in a sky dive in the future please do email