Miles in May 2018 – Complete in memory of a loved one and help raise funds

In 2017 we received over 200 requests for help following pregnancy loss, offering an unlimited number of face to face support sessions as well as group counselling sessions.

Challenge yourself this May to complete an amount of miles that is significant to you, in memory of a little one gone too soon.

lady riding bike

40 miles rowing

Girl running on field

Woman in kayak

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If you would like to challenge yourself this year to the Miles in May fundraiser please fill in our Registration form and we will send you your “Miles in May 2018 Fundraising Pack“.

Why take part?

Some may walk 1 mile a day, some may cycle 20 miles a day, some may run 200 miles over the month. Each of us has a different story and so it will be a different month for each one of us.

We want to raise funds so we can provide men & women with many more sessions and help people like this past client:

At my first session I was scared of being judged and that I should have moved on from my loss by now. With time, patience and a lot of good listening I started to open up about my feelings.

Miles In May 2018