Please Sponsor Chrissie Boswell for her 26 Miles around London run in aid of TimeNorfolk

On 22nd April 2018 Chrissie Boswell will be running the 26 Miles around London in aid of TimeNorfolk and she would love you to sponsor a star on her running vest.

Chrissie is a mum and a midwife who is passionate about the work of TimeNorfolk, she says;

TimeNorfolk is very very close to my heart and I know how important it is for families to have this type of service and support.

Chrissie came to us with the beautiful idea of covering her running vest with stars which represent little ones gone too soon. Chrissie will carry these little stars around the 26 miles in memory of these little lives.

We have some printers ready to print many glittery stars onto a navy blue running vest for Chrissie to wear on 22nd April.

If you would like to sponsor a star and have Chrissie carry your star around the Marathon please make a donation here:

and email to inform us of your star sponsorship.

There is no minimum sponsorship amount, please give whatever feels right to you.

The deadline to sponsor a star is 7th March.

All money raised through the stars will go towards supporting those affected by pregnancy loss whether through miscarriage, termination, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth.