Ruth our fundraising & events co-ordinator; Miles In May 2018 challenge

This is Ruth our fundraising & events co-ordinator, she is taking part in our Miles In May 2018 challenge.

Ruth walking

Ruth walking


I work for a wonderful charity called TimeNorfolk who support men and women after they have suffered any kind of pregnancy loss including miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, termination, or any other pregnancy related issue including an unexpected pregnancy.

It is a real privilege to work for TimeNorfolk and this year I am taking part in the #MilesInMay2018 fundraising challenge! During May I am going to be walking 80 miles in honour of all the little ones gone too soon, represented by our clients . I am also walking in order to raise awareness of the work of TimeNorfolk so that more people can access support.

Due to joint pain I am unable to run at the moment so I will be walking these 80 miles which google maps tells me will take 26 hours! I would probably much rather be sat on the sofa watching neighbours (!!) but I will be out and about in the daytime & evenings to walk these 80 miles, so if you see me out on foot (probably with the double buggy!), this is what I am doing!

If you would like to support TimeNorfolk you can do so here:

All money raised will go to support those who have suffered pregnancy loss and I know that it makes such a huge difference in peoples lives!!!

If you would like to know more about the #MilesInMay challenge just visit