TimeNorfolk Tandem Sky Dive Fundraiser on 7th July 2018

Are you looking for a thrill!?
Why not join us for a tandem sky dive !?

Sky Dive 7th July 2018

Raise a minimum of £315 in sponsorship & you can jump for free

This is your chance to jump out of a plane from 13,000 feet (approx 2 miles) high

Why Jump in aid of TimeNorfolk?

Last year we were contacted by over 200 people requesting support following pregnancy loss. Our clients describe best what we do, so let’s hear from one:

When I began counselling I felt for the first time that I was understood. I was given time and space at my own pace to explain and work through my grief. My miscarriage was validated as a true loss, the loss of a baby, something special and cherished rather than an embryo or a ball of cells, which is somehow how I felt others wanted me to see it. That didn’t help me feel better, and whatever my family and friends said, however well-meaning, they often got it wrong or just didn’t ‘get it’. We spent time during the counselling sessions talking about the stages of grief and loss which helped so much. To feel I was ‘normal’ and explained why I was feeling the way I was; it was also so helpful to hear I wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

By taking part in our sky dive you could help us to spread hope following pregnancy loss.

I will be forever grateful to my counsellor and the service for supporting me through some of the most painful, traumatic times of my life and helping me to find hope again.

How to take part

Full details on how to take part including Signing up are on our Skydiving Fundraising Page

TimeNorfolk Sky Divers after their jump